Oct 17, 2019

Challenge Day in Music

Finding the Most Precise Words

The 5th graders learned about NUANCE and word choice.
We discussed that nuance refers to the slight and subtle difference in shades of meaning.

What kind of "nice"? Maybe generous, compassionate, empathetic...

Mad? So general. How about irritated, infuriated, peeved, irate!

When discussing Hillary, a character in our read aloud, a couple students described her as "dumb". The students explored different ways to describe her that were more precise.
Hillary is sheltered and naive.
Hillary is easily influenced and gullible.

Oct 15, 2019

Ending our Week Right

Most Fridays, 5-306 spends the end of the day writing encouraging words in one another's Homeroom Notebooks. These words might be compliments, thank yous, words of encouragement... really anything that helps each student end the week on a high note! 

Family Friday!

5-306 had so much fun creating our 3 Cs Quilt. 
Mr. Foreman is going to display it in the school!